Saturday, September 30, 2006

Watch Hannover Grow More Hysterical

What is it with Hannover? No matter how often he gets nailed, he simply waits all of five minutes and then reposts the same old lies. Evidently smarting from the spanking Sergey gave him here and here over Taeubner, the intrepid librarian now reposts one of his favourite cliches: 'no mass graves as alleged, no Holocaust'
According to the judeo-supremacist lies, mass-shootings-into-pits
allegations go as high as 2,000,000.
So, is that: 100 graves of 20,000? 200 graves of 10,000? 400 graves of
5,000? 500 graves of 4,000? 1000 graves of 2000? 2000 graves of 1000?
Not one mass grave has been produced to support the 'holocaust' shooting
claims*. Not a single one. Revisionism would be finished if even a few could be
shown. Go ahead and actually look for evidence like this excavation by the
Germans of the Communist atrocity at Katyn .... that was, of course, blamed on
the Germans. Katyn facts: 'Amtliches Material zum Massenmord von Katyn'
No mass graves as alleged, no 'holocaust'. -
* or the gassings claims

Waaaalll, Jonnie, you might like to peruse some of the following blog articles about mass graves: on the Polesie, on Marijampole in Lithuania, on Babi Yar here, here, here and here; never mind this little overview of the extent of mass graves in the Soviet Union and Poland. Meanwhile, just so he's brushed up on the state of research about Sonderkommando 1005, the German unit which exhumed some - and ONLY some - of the mass graves of executed Jews in the east, he can have a little read here and here.

Of course, Hannover might also stop to wonder that this isn't simply a question of 2 million Jews mown down by rifle and machine gun fire, but many millions more Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles and other East European peoples unceremoniously dumped in antitank ditches and pits of varying sizes after expiring from gunfire, the noose, starvation and exhaustion.

Perhaps, too, Hannover is confused about the extent and nature of the documentation relating to mass shootings? Then he can get back to us about what this document actually means, if it doesn't mean a mass execution (and in this case, we know there was a mass grave dug up after the war). Or he could mull over the inability of 'revisionist' gurus J├╝rgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno to read several documents correctly, most notably concerning Galicia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Keep 'em coming, Jonnie. You may reassure your dwindling flock when you mount your soapbox, but you're a sorry excuse for a 'revisionist'.

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