Friday, September 29, 2006

Yet another troglodyte

In "The Unbearable Stupidity of the Cesspit" I have shown that an average Cesspit lemming doesn't know what it is talking about. Here I will show that it is their custom to dig themselves even deeper into their own manure.

Pompous, but absolutely brainless denier "Carto's Cutlass Supreme" (AKA "Even Dumber Than Hargis") begs for more humiliation:
The Sobibor maps and models have a railway line going to the death part of the camp. On page 124 of Yitzhak Arad's book "Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka," Scharfuhrer Erich Bauer said the train, equipped with a locomotive, transferred those unable to walk to the totenlager (death part of the camp) to the Lazarett located there. Arad quotes Bauer:
It was known in the camps that this Lazarett was used not for healing but for the extermination of people..."
The problem is that he's confusing Sobibor with Treblinka. Sobibor had no Lazarett. No map or model shows a Lazarett. It was Treblinka that had the Lazarett.
Really? What maps and models has this nimrod examined? Certainly not this map by W. Rutherford. After all, the legend reads:
55 "Lazarett" (former chapel with long pit behind structure for shooting invalids, the elderly or infirm, unaccompanied minors and any "trouble makers" from the transports)
Neither was it this sketch by survivor Moshe Bahir, which has "LAZARET" written on it in rather large letters. Nor this plan based on information from Erich Bauer and Thomas Blatt, which shows the chapel as no. 47, and the legend for which in Blatt's book Sobibor. The Forgotten Revolt reads as follows:
47. "Lazarett" (former chapel) used in the beginning to kill immobile Jews
And what models? Certainly not this model by Thomas Blatt, which shows the "Lazarett" chapel where it was.

True, Lazarett wasn't in Camp III, so Bauer is compressing two phases into his narrative - the early phase, when the infirm were transferred on carts to the chapel to be shot; and the later phase, when they were transported by narrow-gauge railway into Camp III, to the mass graves.

CCS adds a rather ironic observation:
It is not unlike where on Lubomyr Prytulak's website (now forced down) where he documented the confusion of the dog Barry being at Sobibor and at Treblinka.
Ironic, given that Lubo didn't really document anything, but his own lack of basic logic. And Lubo's site wasn't "forced down". He decided to remove it himself.

Now I'd like an answer from the Cesspit pond-life: is it painful to be so stupid?

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